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Corporate Memberships

Corporate Memberships provide companies access to MCOLGlobal e-newsletters and the member only web site at a fixed annual fee that provides extreme savings. To order a corporate membership, call 209.577.4888 or email

Corporate Memberships provide MCOLGlobal memberships for all covered employees. What's more, Corporate Memberships require no ongoing paperwork from the organization regarding individual employee information.

MCOLGlobal's Corporate Member pricing structure allows companies to deliver MCOLGlobal memberships to entire locations, or departments within the organization for a small fraction of the price of individual memberships. Terms, conditions and pricing are as follows:

Administration and Security

  • No administration of individual employee information is required
  • One common username and password is supplied for member web site access, with security set to allow simultaneous usage with the username account
  • The organization may select its unique username and password
  • The password may require periodic changing, upon request from MCOL

E-Mail Services

  • E-mail delivery services will be sent to one e-mail address designated by organization, unless the organization opts to provide MCOL applicable individual email addresses on an ongoing basis
  • The organization is licensed to redistribute MCOLGlobal to all covered employees
  • The organization is also licensed to archive MCOLGlobal e-mail on an organization server, provided that access is limited to covered employees.


  • Corporate Memberships are only available to single organizations.
  • Associations or other groups of separate organizations may not combine for one membership.
  • The employees to be covered under a corporate membership must be one or more entire office locations within an organization, or one or more entire departments within an organization.
  • An organization does not have to cover all of their employees under a corporate membership, as long as they cover one or more entire office locations or departments.


  • Annual payment for a corporate membership is required
  • Pricing is based upon the number of covered employees, according to the following table:

Price Schedule

Covered Employees 

Annual Price

Under 10














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