Blueprint for a 21st Century Healthcare System 

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Giving Private Sector Healthcare Leaders and
the Public the Confidence to Create the Future System Without Waiting for Orders from Washington

Wanda J. Jones, MPH


New Century Healthcare Institute


Regardless of whether the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is implemented, the vast complexity and vexing issues confronting healthcare delivery means by necessity it will be dramatically different in 2050 compared to today.

Healthcare futurist Wanda Jones compares the current evolution to that of communication in Africa, where an entire continent skipped landline telephones entirely in favor of connectivity through cellular devices.

Rather than hang on for dear life as healthcare delivery lurches forward haphazardly, Jones has created a vivid yet concise “blueprint” for shepherding our current system onward.

She envisions this century’s healthcare delivery model as relying on the remarkable communicative strengths of the Internet and the decentralized model of “team care.” Her vision throws healthcare completely clear of its 20th century legacies and remakes it into a cutting-edge yet robust system for this era.

Jones is co-founder and president of the New Century Healthcare Institute in San Francisco. She has consulted for clients throughout the United States and has written extensively on health system design and planning.

She has also lectured at the University of California, University of Michigan, University of Washington and McGill University, among others. She holds a master’s degree in hospital administration from the University of California, Berkeley.

“Healthcare: A Blueprint for the 21st Century” is published electronically and distributed by Payers & Providers. It is available to paid subscribers for free, and all others for $149.


Blueprint for a 21st Century Healthcare System: e-Book
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