Follow The Money: The Healthcare Industry and Campaign Finance in California 

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The recent decision by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Citizens United case allows virtually unlimited corporate spending on political campaigns. With the 2012 election looming ever closer, knowing where the money is going in politics is more important than ever.

Payers & Providers’ “Follow The Money” white paper focuses on where healthcare’s dollars flow in California politics. It includes:


   A list of the biggest healthcare contributors to candidates and campaigns in 2009-2010
  Average contribution, number of specific contributions, and largest individual contributions
  An analysis of the contributions, who received them, and why
In addition to the white paper, Payers & Providers will also offer the following database(s) in Excel spreadsheet format:
  Contributors by organizations and political action committee, with a specific list of all the contributions they made to specific recipients during the 2009-2010 campaign (more than 90 different organizations and PACs)
  A list of the largest political contributor by employee for hospitals, health plans, and other healthcare organizations in California (more than 200 listed)
Key Data Points:
  Total Hospitals Contributing-291
  2008 total amount given-$1,102,961
  2010 total amount given-$631,689
  2008 largest individual contribution-$28,500
  2010 largest individual contribution-$36,200
  2008 largest individual contribution to Republican-$18,600
  2010 largest individual contribution to Republican-$6,800
  2008 largest individual contribution to Democrat-$28,500
  2010 largest individual contribution to Democrat-$36,200


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