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The Health Insurance Exchange Directory 2016, compiled by MCOLís HealthQuest Publishers, offers a unique resource for Health Insurance Marketplace stakeholders and others monitoring the industry.  Included is an Organizational Directory of 116 selected organizations, with all public exchanges, public partnership exchanges and plan management arrangements  as of the date of publication as well as numerous private exchanges and exchange platforms. Also included are Executive Profiles of Health Insurance Exchange executives and thought leaders, as well as indexes for referencing individuals and organizations included in this Directory.

The Organizational Directory includes summary information about the 116 selected organizations, as well as a listing of 1,255 key employees with leadership or operational involvement with the HIX.  Summary information provided for each HIX includes:

  • Organization
  • Exchange Name
  • Website
  • Address
  • City
  • State
  • Zip
  • Phone
  • Fax (available for 51% of HIXs listed)
  • e-Mail (available for 69% of HIXs listed)
  • Exchange Type (Public Exchange; Public Partnership; Public Plan Management; Private Exchange; or Exchange Platform)

For applicable employees listed for each organization, the following information is provided:

         Employee Name



         e-mail (available for 35% of employees listed)

The Organizational Directory is presented alphabetically by state. 116 organizations were selected for the Organizational Directory, and undoubtedly additional private exchanges or exchange platforms are under development or potentially operating at this time.

The 2016 edition includes 12 additional organizations, and 441 net additional staff. These updates reflect turnover and growth that continue in the exchange sector: the Organizational Directory added 828 new employees for 2016 and deleted 387 employees previously listed. The Executive Profiles section added 20 new profiles for 2016 and deleted 18 profiles previously listed.

The Health Insurance Exchange Directory also includes Executive Profiles of 105 selected executives and thought leaders nationally identified with and involved with Health Insurance Exchanges representing a wide range of organizations including exchanges, health plans, consulting groups, associations and others. The Profiles are provided in alphabetical order by the individualís name. Each Executive Profile includes the following information:

  • Organization and Mailing Address
  • Phone
  • Fax and e-Mail (Fax available for 39% of listings; e-Mail available a limited number of listings)
  • Executive Bio
  • Education and Affiliations (when available)

The following Indexes have been provided in the Health Insurance Exchange Directory, which incorporate organizations and individuals listed in both the Organizational Directory and the Executive Profiles; it should be noted that organizations incorporated into the indexes from the Executive Profiles include entities that are not HIXs (and were included because the individual was involved with HIX thought leadership.)

  • Individuals by Organization
  • Individuals by State
  • Organizations by Name
  • Organizations by State
  • Organizations by Exchange Type
  • Public Exchange Status by State

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