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  The Medicaid Managed Care Directory 2018, compiled by MCOLís HealthQuest Publishers, offers a unique resource for Medicaid managed care stakeholders and others monitoring the industry. Included are Organizational Directories of state and national Medicaid managed care organizations, as well as state Medicaid agencies. Key staff are listed for each organization. Also included are Executive Profiles of Medicaid managed care thought leaders and national executives, as well as indexes for referencing individuals and organizations included in this Directory.

The scope of the managed care organizations listed in this Directory includes health plans and some specific healthcare organizations contracted with applicable state agencies to provide Medicaid benefits. The scope is generally limited to organizations providing medical benefits, and not specialty benefits such as dental, behavioral or long-term care only. PACE programs are included. 418 Medicaid managed care organizations and 51 state agencies are listed in the organizational directories, representing 3,114 key staff positions listed, Also, 50 Medicaid thought leaders and national executives have executive profiles provided.

The Medicaid Managed Care Organization Directories includes summary information by state for 412 selected state MCOs, as well as a listing of 2,691 key relevant staff. Staff with no relevance, such as with positions specific to Medicare or commercial products and operations are not listed. Please note listings for each organization are designed to all be provided on the same page. Thus some pages only contain one organization, while other pages may contain two or even three. Some employees are listed in multiple organizations, based upon their simultaneous assumption of responsibilities for applicable organizations involving their parent or affiliated organizations.

For each organization, the following information is provided when applicable:
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone
  • General E-mail address (available for 25% of MCOs listed)
  • Web Site
  • State Medicaid Programs MCO is participating in
  • Medicaid Enrollment (available for 94% of MCOs listed)
  • Parent Organization (when applicable)

For applicable key staff listed for each organization, the following information is provided:

  • Employee Name
  • Title
  • Phone (Different line listed for 27% of employees, otherwise main organization phone number)
  • e-mail (available for 25% of employees listed)

In addition, six national offices for Medicaid health plans are listed with 90 key executives that includes corporate mailing addresses, phone, website and staff names and titles.

The state agency directory includes contact information including mailing address and phone for Medicaid agencies in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. General email addresses are provided for 47% of the agencies. The chief Medicaid executive with contact information is indicated for each agency, along with additional key staff. 413 total agency executives and staff are listed, including name, title, phone (direct line for 85% of employees) and mail (available for 68% of employees listed.

The Medicaid Managed Care Directory also includes Executive Profiles of 50 selected thought leaders and national executives recognized for their Medicaid involvement. The Profiles are provided in alphabetical order by the individualís name. Each Executive Profile includes the following information:

  • Organization and Mailing Address
  • Phone, & email (phone available for 100%; email available for 24% of listings)
  • Executive Bio
  • Education (when available)

The following Indexes have been provided in the Medicaid Managed Care Directory, which incorporate organizations and individuals listed in both the Organizational Directories and the Executive Profiles; it should be noted that organizations incorporated into the indexes from the Executive Profiles include entities that are not MCOs or state agencies (and were included because the individual was involved with Medicaid thought leadership.)

  • Individuals by State
  • Organizations by Name
  • Organizations by Parent Organization
  For additional detailed statistics on the organizations and employees listed in the directory, visit the page with Applicable Statistics for the Medicaid Managed Care Directory

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