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The National Managed Care Leadership Directory

   The Who's Who In Managed Care Directory book or pdf with optional database  
The Who's Who in Managed Health Care 2014 Edition will help you:
  • Be positioned with an ongoing one-stop resource containing detailed profile and contact information for managed care executives and thought leaders, as well as a directory of managed care organization CEOs.
  • Identify over 1,800 of the best contacts for business development, proposals, recruitment, collaborative arrangements, high level networking and company research.
  • Facilitate introductions and working relationships with knowledgeable and trusted contacts and colleagues.
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Scope: The 2014 edition of Who's Who in Managed Health Care has 837 pages and is available in soft cover book or electronic (pdf) format. The 2014 edition updates you with many hundreds of changes and new listings to keep you abreast of the rapidly changing managed care industry! In addition to actionable contact data, these leadership profiles provide bios including experience, education, and professional affiliations of many leading CEOs and other senior executives.

2014 Updated Information: Due to continued employee turnover rates, merger and acquisition activities, company closures, identification of new companies, promotions and other market forces, the Directory also reflects extensive changes throughout. 218 new contacts were added in the 2014 Leadership Profiles, and 505 contacts were deleted from the 2013 Profiles. 316 new CEOs were added in the 2014 CEO listing, and 360 CEOs were deleted from the 2013 listing.

The Who’s Who Directory is arranged in the following three sections:

Leadership Profiles:  Through extensive ongoing research to identify the top leaders in managed health care, key individuals from virtually every segment of the managed care industry have been identified. This section contains 1,169 biographies of these leaders in alphabetical order. 

Managed Care Organization CEO Listing: In addition to the Leadership Profiles contained in section one, a listing with contact information for managed care organization CEOs around the country is provided. This listing highlights 665 CEOs including some biographies featured in the Leadership Profile as well as many CEOs who were not included in the Leadership Profile. The listing is organized by state by company.

Leadership Indexes: The Leadership Index provides additional navigation, providing a table of leaders for the entire Directory sorted alphabetically, by company, by state and by parent company. Also, the electronic version of this Who’s Who Directory provides searchable features using the Adobe Acrobat menu.

Format for each biographee's profile:

City, State, Zip
Fax: (available for over 80% of biographees) 

Includes current and former responsibilities, credentials/certifications, awards and special recognition, works published, as well as contributions to the industry.

Presents degrees, where obtained and any special honors achieved.

Professional Affiliations:
Identifies current affiliations and any leadership positions held, as well as former affiliations applicable to the industry.

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